Intan Betta Pellets(27gm)

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Intan Betta Pellets

Floating Pellets

Size #  1 mm Dia

  • Contains ‘ Fresh Blood worms” that replicate natural diet
  • Fresh Chironomid Larvae & astaxanthin for vivid coloration of Betta fish
  • Promotes growth and immunity against diseases
  • Highly nutritious daily diet for Fighter fish

Suitable for fighters like Crown tail, Long fin, Big eared, Koi fighters etc

Intan Betta pellets are formulated exclusively with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a well-balanced diet. Since betta fish have short digestive tracts, the finest betta food replicates natural diet without adding indigestible fillers, so we have included sufficient bloodworms to replicate their natural diet. Fresh chironomid larvae and astaxanthin contribute to the hues and patterns

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