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  • Controsoil is a multi-purpose soil that is volcanic in origin. It lightly acidifies and softens aquarium water to create an environment conducive to Fish, invertebrates (including shrimp) and plants that must be maintained in these conditions (e.g. aquatic organisms originating in Tropical rain-forest habitats)
  • The shape and size of the substrate controsoil encourages the strong root development of aquatic plants; additionally, the substrate controsoil is quickly colonized by beneficial micro organisms that improve overall water quality
  • Controsoil will not disintegrate or cloud aquarium water; it helps to clarify water and also removes impurities. Controsoil may be used as a bottom substrate in all fresh water aquarium, not just those housing plants. Controsoil is made in Japan, 5 millimetre in size, it is most suitable for foreground carpet plants and ornamental shrimp
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