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One of the most popular plants that are kept in aquariums, they are very hardy and need very little maintenance. They should soon develop a strong root system in the aquarium once they have settled and can grow quite large so allow them plenty of room. The Amazon Sword makes a great centrepiece to any aquarium, in larger aquariums you can provide a lot of cover by adding 2-3 specimens but as they mature they can grow leaves that will reach up to 12 inches in length so adding these to a small aquarium can soon crowd a tank restricting swimming space for the fish themselves. When first added to a new set up you may experience algal blooms on the leaves of the Sword but if the water quality is high and the parameters start to settle down , these blooms should disappear as quickly as they came. A sure sign of nutrient deficiency is yellowing of the lower leaves so always watch out for this and add liquid fertilisers to the water to overcome this.
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