Ocean Free AR-G2 Arowana Food, 250 g

Ocean Free AR-G2 Arowana Food, 250 g

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Carnivorous metabolic enhancer that enhances food conversion rate (FCR), increases palatability by 60%, boosts growth, improves health, reduces mortality, enhances color, fin elongation and body shaping.

This is bio-formulated to fortify immune system of arowana for better health and extra resistance against parasitic sickness and viral diseases. It helps maintain superior digestive performance during high levels of feeding. No artificial chemical coloring agent is added, the pellet encompasses only colors originating from natural organic sources. This is rich in natural ingredients that brings out and intensifies color of arowana. All proteins otherwise is pure highly digestible aquatic animal protein that can be metabolize by the carnivorous digestive system of arowanas. As a result of high FCR and our proprietary binder, this floating type pellet also does not cloud your pond/tank water

Feeding guide:
The amount of feed that the arowana can consume within 5 minutes is usually accepted as an accurate indicator for sufficient feeding, this feed can be fed to your arowana up to 6 times a day with no adverse effect on the fish and the tanks water quality. Do not overfeed. Kindly adhere to the recommended feeding instruction

Typical analysis:
Crude protein > 48%
Crude ash < 12%
Crude moisture < 10% Crude fat > 6%
Crude fiber < 2%