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Rotala Nanjenshan is a hybrid cross between Rotala Rotundifolia and Rotala Wallichi. It requires high light and CO2 to thrive and prefers softer acidic water. 

Rotala Nanjenshan is a plant native to smaller lakes, ponds and slowly moving water ways of Taiwan. The bright green coloration and intricate leaf pattern has made the Rotala Nanjenshan plant a very popular aquarium species. Rotala Nanjenshan typically grows to about 12 inches within the aquarium environment and is considered a mid-ground plant in most aquariums.

Rotala Nanjenshan have stems that grow closely together with small plentiful leaves. This dense growth gives the plant a bushy appearance and is too dense for all but the smallest of fish to swim through. Both the dense growth and its delicate leaves make the Rotala Nanjenshan better suited for aquariums with smaller fish species that will not damage the plants fragile stems.

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