SaltyShrimp Easy Filter Powder 60 gm

SaltyShrimp Easy Filter Powder 60 gm

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  1. removes chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals
  2. also suitable for ponds and marine aquaria
  3. for crystal clear water
  4. sufficient for 4800 litres
Easy Filter Powder is a natural, high-performance filtering powder that enables you to easily make your own liquid filter medium for conditioning and clearing up aquarium water. Also suitable for ponds and marine aquaria.

Immediately after being added to the tank, Easy Filter Powder starts cleaning the water. The water remains turbid for some hours while the filter powder is actively removing harmful substances like heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, drug residues, chlorine and so on. After this time, the water turns crystal-clear.

Easy Filter Powder acts as a depot for plant nutrients. It prevents algae blooms, reduces stress and deaths during shipment in fish and shrimp.

Instructions of use
For monthly care, for conditioning and cleaning fresh water during a water change, and for alleviating problems. Add the necessary amount of Easy Filter Powder to a glass of water, stir thoroughly and add the fluid filter medium you have just created to your tank immediately. You can easily pre-mix a larger amount in a bottle. Important: Shake well for around 20 seconds before use, and use the amount you require at once.

0.5g for 40 litres of aquarium water. If used to alleviate problems or to remove pharmaceutical residue, use double or triple amount.

Measuring scoop marking: 1 ml = approx. 0.5g / 2 ml = approx. 1g

• 60 g (sufficient for around 4800 l)
• Measuring spoon included

• re-closable can with screw-on lid